This is your wake-up call. If you were looking for one, the time is now.

Things have gotten really real for us all, and the time has come for you to take control of your health and your family’s health for good and build better immunity.

In a situation where so much is beyond our control, it’s imperative to take control of what you can and that’s food. Paying attention to your fork is the most important action you can take and the smartest way to secure a nourishing food supply is to grow it yourself. 

Start your Resilience Garden right now and eat for immune health. You have two options to access the course. Sign-up for my newsletter and get instant access to the course OR purchase the course below and get the bonus live weekly zoom call.

Your food supply and finances are in question. Now is a time for really smart decisions. America imports 40% of our fruit and nearly 30% of our vegetables. We have to get food back into our backyards and pantries–where it belongs.

See this page for more about my 7-day crash course on Arming Your Immune System.

Farmers local to me are seeing 600% increases in sales.  Seed companies are reporting all-time high sales. Gardening supplies are flying off of shelves, so the time to act on your very own Resilience Garden is now.  That’s the reason I have put together a short course that helps you Plan, Source, and Plant your Resilience Garden.

What’s Included:

The course will guide you through figuring out what form your garden should take, including pricing and how to set-up a garden that you can easily manage. Get the inside track on the easiest way to get going.

Find out what to plant, when, and if you need seeds or plants.

Gardening is all about soil quality.  I will teach you what to look for and the pitfalls to avoid.

Confused about terms like hybrids, heirlooms, determinate, and indeterminate?  I’ll clear that up too.

Don’t grow just anything–choose the right crops to support your immune system and make the biggest difference in your food budget.

PLUS: you get 3 weeks of conference calls with me where I  answer your questions and help you through the whole process.

You get all of this for $29.99  This pandemic only pricing is over 95% off my standard rates AND includes exclusive content from my upcoming book Eat To Your Advantage.


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