Eat To Your Advantage

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Free Excerpt: Does Organic Matter?

In a word: YES.

The obvious and biggest reason is that organic reduces your toxin exposure. We KNOW that, but what does it really mean and why does it matter?  I want to share with you an extended excerpt from my upcoming book, Eat To Your Advantage. This excerpt actually contains bonus material that was trimmed from the book for length. 

Heal Your Body & Brain

and Find the Way Out of Food Confusion

Want to cut through the food pseudo-science fads and diet culture crap?

Do you wish you really understood food and how to use it to your advantage? 

In my book, Eat To Your Advantage, you will be able to do just that.  I am an expert in nutrition, food service, and farming as well as a patient who used nutrition and lifestyle therapy to heal from chronic and autoimmune diseases.  I use all the background to break down what you really need to know and walk you through the process of learning to eat to your advantage in my book.

To eat to your advantage, you need to know what has been happening to our food supply. In the book I have coming out in the fall of 2020, you will. I will walk you through what is happening in agriculture, food service, and food processing. Once you know, you can maneuver the food system successfully–healing your body and brain.

I am your 4-in-1 nutrition and food literacy coach.  

  • Nutrition professional certified by Bauman College with Honors
  • Organic Farmer & Local Food Advocate
  • Long Time Restaurateur & Chef
  • Patient & Consumer of Holistic Healthcare who uses food and lifestyle to overcome chronic and autoimmune disease

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