On this day of giving, I want to encourage you to support 2 incredible women and their shared mission to create an epidemic of health.  I have had the great honor of learning from them, and they are both huge sources of inspiration for me.  As my own health story has unfolded over the past decade, they have each represented huge milestones in my journey.  There is indeed a revolution of health going on in this country and these women are helping lead it.  Let me introduce you.

Dr. Terry Wahls was a working physician at a VA hospital in Iowa when she was diagnosed with MS.  Her disease progressed rapidly and she found herself in a tilt-recline wheelchair.  In a desperate effort to avoid being bedridden, she focused on the nutrition needed for optimal brain function and what she needed to eat to get it.  Using nutrition, lifestyle habits, and functional medicine principles. she REVERSED most of her MS symptoms.  Within a year of putting all the pieces in place, she was walking and riding her bike.  You can read her remarkable story here.  She developed what is now known as the Wahls Protocol® which has been used to reverse autoimmune and chronic disease all over the world.

I first heard of Dr. Wahls when a friend sent me her TEDx talk around 2012.  I had already made great strides in reversing my own autoimmune and chronic disease with naturopathic care and nutrition, but adding the Wahls Protocol® and the knowledge behind it to my toolbox was life-changing.  When someone tells you that fueling yourself optimally will reverse “irreversible” autoimmune disease, you take notice.  At least, I sure did.  I learned the profound power of nutrition.  Without the Wahls Protocol®, I doubt I would have returned to school to become a Nutrition Consultant.  In 2014, I attended her first ever in-person seminar.  In 2016, I attended the seminar again and also was in the first class to become certified as Wahls Protocol® Health Professionals.

Dr. Wahls now runs studies on her ground-breaking work and trains health professionals.  To support the work please donate to the Wahls Research Fund.

The second lady I would like to introduce you to is Diane “V” Capaldi, aka PaleoBOSS Lady.   I met V in 2014 at the first Wahls Seminar.  She is, quite likely, the person MOST healed by the Wahls Protocol.  V has gone from complete disability from MS with no use of her hands to now spending an entire year on the road teaching about the Wahls Protocol and how she has used conscious living and self-care to overcome MS and everything else thrown her way.  V got rid of all her belongings and took her dog Gidget on the road to keep the revolution of health going!  Her award-winning (and free!) “Taking It To The Streets” tour is still underway and V was here in Lafayette, IN last fall to visit me and share her story with the community.  Read all about V here.  Check out the tour here.

V’s impact on me was a big one and still continues.  Like V, I don’t like to be bossed around.  I am the BOSS.  I love her complete unwillingness to accept the toxins in our food and everything else in our lives that is working against our health.  Not only does V work to make all her choices conscious and health-giving ones, but she has mastered the art of self-love.  I admit that my Achilles heel is taking on too much and spreading myself too thin.  I look to V’s example when I need to reset that kind of thinking.

See her in action in her very own Tedx talk.

On Giving Tuesday, November 28th,  Further Food will be donating all of their proceeds to support The Taking It To The Streets Tour.  I recommend collagen to everyone who will listen and I will be placing an order.  From V:

 I am proud to announce this year I am excited to be teaming up with Further Food on #GivingTuesday!

Further Food is an online platform that is dedicated to advancing natural, holistic health knowledge. They also create real food-based, healing products inspired by the expertise of their community of health experts and health heroes.

I love Further Food’s grass-fed collagen and turmeric products! The travel packets make life on the road a breeze for me while touring. Great to grab and go for work or the gym.

On Giving Tuesday (November 28th), Further Food is donating 100% of their proceeds to support the PaleoBOSS Lady “Taking it to the Streets” tour.

PLUS they’re giving you a 15% discount off of your entire purchase! 

Give the gift of health and support our community by shopping at Further Food this holiday season.

Head here to shop and use code BOSS2017

I hope that you will join me in giving back this #GivingTuesday and supporting the epidemic of health.

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