Free Seminar: Build a Better Brain

  Sharpen Your Mental Focus, Stop Declining Energy, and Feel More Productive Than Ever by Making Better Food Choices

Your Free Seminar Awaits!

Free One Hour Seminar with Kirsten Serrano, NC

In this free seminar, I cover:

  • What is sabotaging your brain, energy, and productivity (it’s not just “getting old”)
  • How to cut through manipulative marketing and diet culture noise  
  • The two-pronged approach to getting back on track and feeling better
  • Three essential mindset shifts that allow you to transform your eating habits, one step at a time. 

Are you ready to book your FREE Breakthrough Session with me?  Yes, you can book an absolutely free live session with me – a real person – who cares about helping you take your life back with the power of food. No commitment, no credit card information required.

In this special one-hour private consultation, I’ll help you:
  • Discover how your everyday food and lifestyle choices affect your energy, mental focus, and general health.
  • Uncover what patterns are keeping you from being happy and productive at work and at home.
  • Outline a personalized action plan to take charge of your mental and physical health setting you and your family up for a better life.
  • And if I certain that I can help you achieve the results you desire, I’ll answer all of your questions about working together, including introducing you to my Signature Program.

Fair warning. This is exclusively for those who are ready to create change and see results to realize health goals.  I can guide you through the what and the how, but you have to be committed to doing the work.

To get started, please complete the following confidential application AND then come back to this page and book a time for your Breakthrough Session at the bottom of the page. Since time is precious to each of us, each request for a session is reviewed before a coaching time is confirmed. While I cannot guarantee that each request will be granted, I can promise that all completed requests will receive a response within 24 business hours.

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