Ideal Clients

I work with clients with a really broad range of health issues.  Some of my clients really just want to be aging better and get their brains, energy, and productivity back on top of their game.  Others are facing serious chronic and autoimmune issues (like I was–read my story here.)

While my food literacy coaching can help anyone improve their plate, their mind, and their ability to enjoy feeling good again, I have found that I do my best work with individuals who have some of these common traits.  If this sounds like you, let’s talk:

  • You want substance.  You want to know the why.  I am the right coach for someone who wants to learn and be empowered to make better food choices that allow them to THRIVE.  You don’t have to become an expert (you have your areas of expertise), but you recognize that learning the rules of the road will make a lifetime of difference. 
  • You make a living with your brain. You have a demanding job that requires you to be mentally on top of your game. People with careers requiring them to be thoughtful, in charge, and commanding need to learn the essential food literacy skills to help them thrive.
  • You are concerned about your brain, well-being, and longevity. You aren’t feeling as well as you used to. But what really scares you is how this is impacting their BRAIN functioning at work and what you have left to give for your family. You may have even discussed these things with a doctor and been told you are just fine. But you know intuitively that something is slipping.
  • You have some nutrition knowledge, but need help putting the pieces together and making it work for yourself and your family.
  • You appreciate the pleasures of the table and nature. You know your way around the kitchen, perhaps dream of or have a little garden, and may consider yourself a bit of a foodie. You enjoy food and welcome learning how to make it both delicious and nutritious.
  • You want to raise your children with the essential life skills needed to make informed food choices. You recognize all the mixed messages about food and the glut of poor quality choices on the market and want to ensure that your kids know how to maneuver through this confusion and temptation. You understand this will give them a leading edge in their future success.
  • You desire a sensible and customized approach. You recognize that both plant foods and animal foods are important parts of a healthy eating plan. You recognize there are skills needed to make smart, personalized choices.  You want a thoughtful, collaborative approach and to feel seen and heard, not another “meal plan” approach.

If you are eager to learn how to choose and source better food in a way that works for your family and busy life, that makes you feel better, think better and simply do better then you ever imagined, then I may be the right guide for you.

If you’re serious about getting this handled, please click here and apply for a free 60-minute Breakthrough Session to talk about making educated and smart food choices for you, your family and your life.