I have been on a weight-loss and health journey on and off for most of my adult life, but especially after I became a diabetic at 60. I have spent decades of my work life battering my body as a productivity tool without taking good care of it along the way. 

Now retired, with a long list of diagnoses and medications, I was desperate for change but did not know where to go next.  I had worked with other practitioners who gave me treatment plans, but I discovered, in being coached with ongoing support, I needed an educational foundation in food and nutrition to bolster my motivation to work harder. I found what I needed with Kirsten.

When I started Kirsten’s nutrition coaching program, I had little true knowledge about nutrition, even though I have spent years reading the health sections of my magazines. The magic for me was the education she gave me. Words are my currency, so I loved the educational materials she provided. I now have a binder that I can continue to reference for the rest of my life. Knowing the whys and hows of the effect certain foods have on my body was the key. As a result of spending three months of sessions with Kirsten, I have regained so much of my health. 

I also enjoyed the one-on-one customized teaching she gave me in our sessions.  Sitting beside me, Kirsten taught me what I needed to know and guided me through her program, which I needed for such medical conditions as depression, fibromyalgia, and interstitial cystitis. I now understand the impact particular foods have on my digestive system, for example, and how important digestion is to my overall health. That’s priceless!

The world is full of conflicting information about nutrition and health, and the marketing of food, vitamins, and supplements distracts one’s attention from every direction. I can now better evaluate whether such promotional gobbledygook has any merit.  

Working with Kirsten transformed my health.  Suffering from insomnia on and off for nearly 20 years, I now fall asleep so much better—that has made all the difference in the world.  My chronic pain level with arthritis in my thumb joint, which I’ve had for two years, is gone.  My blood sugar numbers are back to my prediabetic years, and I have lost 25% of the weight doctors have encouraged me to lose for years. I also have fewer depressive days than I used to, which I credit not only to my retirement but also improved sleep and overall health. 

I have known Kirsten for years as a restaurateur and learned she was also the farmer who raised vegetables for the restaurant she and her husband owned. Her knowledge of food in general was also a factor in my decision to work with her. Investing in my health with Kirsten, who is the exact coach and expert I needed, was 100% the right decision.

Carol Bloom

Retired Professional Editor, Lafayette, IN

Getting healthy is a process and Kirsten provides the system!  Let me explain… I had been searching for an answer to my declining health for 18 years and had not found relief. At the point I met Kirsten, I was at my breaking point.  I had tried everything! It felt like I was hanging out at the bottom of the pool and no matter what I did, I could not break through the surface. I knew I was stuck in a pattern that was only making things worse, but I did not know how to break out of it.  

Fatigue, bad moods, and brain fog were robbing me of a happy, productive life.  As a small business owner, I knew I was at the point that I would have to completely restructure my business model because I no longer had a good working memory.  When memory starts to go, you lose words, forget what a client told you, and you can see the very real possibility that your business will unravel.

Working with Kirsten was transformational. For the first time, I had a real accountability partner.  Kirsten’s well-designed process and 24/7 attention made all the difference. Her system allowed for flexibility when my body’s reactions didn’t fit the “norm,” yet we remained on course and didn’t get derailed.  When I was struggling, Kirsten gave me the support I needed. She didn’t quit on me when I didn’t always have the energy to push through the protocol. Change is hard, but health is worth it. Along the way, I realized something huge–once you gain some momentum and start to feel better, the process is not only manageable but exciting.  

Now, I am hanging out above the pool.  It’s a great view. I am having good moods again for the first time in years! I now look forward to my future and am excited about possibilities. I’m back on top of my business.  My energy, my drive, and especially my memory retention are on their way back and I will absolutely be continuing what I learned with Kirsten.

Susan Benedict, CKD CAPS, small business owner, Indiana

I hired Kirsten because I was desperate to get my energy back, but I never dreamed I’d be delaying my retirement!  Kirsten says she helps women increase their health-span and wealth-span and it’s true. When I heard Kirsten speak, I knew she was describing me.  I was always tired, slept poorly, and was dragging through work with no energy left for personal time. I’d lost my spark.  I’m diabetic and knew I needed to be doing a better job with food. Of course, I was a little apprehensive about what I might have to give up, but I’m so happy to say I am enjoying a larger variety of foods than before and don’t feel deprived at all. My blood sugar numbers are better than ever.

The best part of working with Kirsten was the wealth of information she provided AND the time she took to personalize this process just for me. The program taught me so much and I am empowered to make great food choices from here on out. I love that Kirsten’s library of info and shopping tips are always available to me, even now that I am done with the program.  The flexibility to meet with Kirsten in person or online made the program even easier.  I truly have a new lease on life and my investment in my health is paying off financially and personally.

Margaret, educator, Indiana

When I heard Kirsten speak, I knew that working with her is something I needed to do.  I was having serious issues with my digestion, sleep, and energy.  I had been searching for answers for years and with Kirsten, I finally found them.  My sleep has improved tremendously and I have more energy.  My digestion is so much better now and I have even lost some weight. 

There are 2 HUGE reasons that working with Kirsten was so transformative.  First, the fact that I had 24-hour access to her made all the difference.  I had a million questions and Kirsten was always there to answer them.  Secondly, I LEARNED so much.  It is easy to feel intimidated and even judged about your food knowledge.  Kirsten was so comfortable to work with and I learned invaluable information about what my body needs, food quality, and new foods that were unfamiliar to me.  Kirsten is an outstanding teacher and I am eating much more diverse and nutrient dense foods because of the work I did with her. 



Linda Gloyeske, Indiana

Kirsten’s nutritional coaching allowed me to change at my own pace, which was the key to success with a junk food junkie like me. She worked with me to go through my prescribed medications and budget to see where I needed nutritional boosts and suggested a great meal plan that I can use as an example of structure. I’m not eating 100% real food right now, but I have definitely started making my way there.


I have worked for several months with Kirsten and she has helped me tremendously with my health issues. When I think about trying to research my various issues, it makes my head spin.  Kirsten is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and she manages to break everything down and explain it, so I really understand what is going on behind the scenes of my body.  It can be intimidating discussing bodily functions, eating habits, weight issues…with someone no matter their credentials, but she really gets it. She has been on this journey of healing for several years and it is refreshing to talk with someone who understands how difficult it can be to begin.  With Kirsten, I feel like I not only have a teacher but an ally as well. She will explore different avenues with you and she’s got you covered from skin care recommendations to supplemental recommendations to recipes! You don’t have to do this alone. She truly is an inspiration for those of us who are committed to improving our health.

Jill, Nurse, Indiana