Move toward better.

The number one thing I hear from people who dismiss improving their nutrition and lifestyle health habits is “I just can’t do all that.”  ALL THAT I assume means to eat “perfectly.”  First of all, perfection isn’t possible and I don’t think anyone can really define it.   If the thought of inspecting every item that crosses your lips for nutritional purity, painstakingly crafting each bite by hand, and using only the most natural, ideal products is overwhelming to you, you are not alone.  That overwhelms anyone, including me.  Perfection is a lofty goal, a better goal is BETTER.  What does matter is that you are informing yourself and taking responsibility for how you care for yourself when it comes to food and lifestyle.  If you cannot imagine a life filled with homegrown, organic produce, THAT’S OK.   What really isn’t ok is saying, “well I can’t do all that, so I will do nothing. ”

I could add a lot of scary statistics here about how much sicker we are now as a society, how depleted and toxic our soils are, how many unsafe chemicals we put on our body every day, how the way we eat is destroying the planet, the nutritional void of processed food, and what the risks of all that are, BUT that would be overwhelming.  When there is more bad news then we can handle, it makes us feel powerless, and we turn away as a defense mechanism.

What I want to tell you is there are a million ways to treat ourselves better.  It really is about knowledge and self-love.  You have so much power in your hands and you don’t know it.  Small changes have big impacts.  Strive to eat better to love yourself.  Learn to empower your choices.  I cannot make you want to treat yourself better.   That comes from within.  What I can do is help educate you, empower you with knowledge, inspire new habits, and connect you with better food.  I’ve worked with clients that were starting at ground zero and I’ve worked with others who have already done a lot.  There are always ways to keep moving forward.

It’s not an all-or-nothing game.  I’ve been working on this for a decade.  I am still improving my game.  I am far from perfect.  What I have done is consistently move toward better and love myself.  You can read my health story here.

So, if you are ready to move toward better in tiny steps or huge leaps, I invite you to apply for a free 60-minute Breakthrough Session.

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