I have the great honor of being in the first group of Paleo Autoimmune (AIP) Certifed Coaches.  This means I did months of additional training after finishing my Nutrition Consultant certification through Bauman College to specialize in nutrition and lifestyle interventions for those with autoimmune issues.  This program was created and taught by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Mickey Trescott, and Certified Health Coach Angie Alt.   These three ladies are pioneers in the field of nutrition and autoimmune disease and it’s an honor to learn from them.  I have personally used AIP to control my own autoimmune issues and have seen the dramatic effects not only in myself but with many others.

I’m so excited to announce that I am part of a group of over 30 autoimmune specialists from around the world offering a one-of-a-kind experience this coming January.  The Autoimmune Healing Intensive is a program that works with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to help you personalize YOUR best practices in controlling autoimmune disease with diet and lifestyle.  The Autoimmune Healing Intensive includes a step-by-step program to guide you through safe self-experimentation.  This experimentation helps you find the best tools to counter the effects autoimmune disease is having in your life.  On top of that, over 30 worldwide specialists (me included) are offering additional content from our own spheres of specialty.

We are all unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to maximizing our nutrition and our health.  For those of us who suffer from autoimmune disorders, finding the road back to better health is different for each one of us.  As a Paleo AIP Certified Coach, Wahls Protocol® Health Professionals, and Nutrition Consultant, I can guide you and explain the process, but you are the ultimate judge of what works for you.  That’s why I am so excited about the Autoimmune Healing Intensive and my participation in it.  The program helps you personalize your autoimmune health journey.

My contribution to the Autoimmune Healing Intensive is an ebook about how healing nutrition and regenerative farming practices intersect.  As a farmer, I can see the clear lines connecting our health and farming practices.  Just as we are what we eat, what we choose to eat shapes the world we live in.  Our health and farming are inextricably linked.  Anyone seeking to eat well and improve their health needs to understand how their food is raised, buy direct from farmers, and be able to navigate the farmer-consumer relationship.  The ebook, available to Autoimmune Healing Intensive participants, will be available starting January 1st on my website.  The ebook will combine my expertise in nutrition and background in farming to cover these topics:

  • Connecting with local farmers for best quality and pricing
  • How to eat seasonally
  • The importance of pastured protein
  • Regenerative farming

If you are ready to take charge of your autoimmune journey, I urge you jump into the Autoimmune Healing Intensive.  By joining in now, you get early bird pricing.

In January & February, I will be teaching a 6-week course called Eat Like a Nutrivore.  In March, my Diet and Lifestyle Interventions for Autoimmune Disease class will start to meet. This is an 8-week course that guides you through the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and the Wahls Protocol®. Taking the Eat Like a Nutrivore course followed by the Diet and Lifestyle Interventions for Autoimmune Disease course is my recommendation for anyone wanting to take full control of their autoimmune journey.

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