From December 26th through January 7th, I will be announcing the prizes that will go into my giant $430 launch giveaway. Winner will be chosen on January 7th at 6 pm. Winner must be able to pick up locally.  I will add the prizes to this post every day so you can keep track of the giveaway.

HOW TO ENTER:  Each of these is one entry!


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Day One: December 26th– $125 Value 
  • $100 of organic meat and winter produce from Grace & Truth Farms
  • $25 of microgreens from Sun and Moon Farm
    • Mary Lutz is the farmer/owner behind Sun and Moon Farm–a Lafayette-based urban farm. Mary’s microgreens went on just about every plate at Restauration. Microgreens pack a nutritional wallop. Check out Sun and Moon Farm on Instagram.
Day Two: December 27th–$25 Value 
  • 3 lb Grass-fed Beef Roast from Thistle Byre Farm
    • Thistle Byre Farm encourages frugal, healthy living and eating. They are a model good land stewardship, food security, healthy food choices and sustainable eco-agriculture. They encourage others to make their homes nurturing, healthy and cozy without the use of chemicals, hormones, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.
    • Grass-fed beef is lean and also full of healthy omega 3 fats and conjugated linoleic acid


Day Three: December 28th–$22 Value
  • Find out here why I am such a fan of Primal Kitchen products here.
  • The dressings also make great marinades for meat!
  • A quick lunch idea: canned wild salmon, mayo, and dried seaweed flakes in half an avocado on a bed of lettuce dressed in the Greek dressing.  Yum






Day Four: December 29th–$18 Value
  • Always in my kitchen.  I use the Nutiva Red Palm Oil for saute and roasting.
  • The Nutiva Buttery Flavor Coconut Oil is what I use for baking. It can be used in place of butter or shortening or melted to use in place of liquid oils.
  • Why Nutiva?  Because they are putting out fantastic sustainable products.  To read more about their practices, read about my friend Diane Capaldi’s trip there to see first-hand their methods.


Day Five: December 30th–$26 Value
  • One of my favorite kitchen tools
  • Easily make spiral cut vegetables and fruit
  • Spirals cook quickly and are fun




Day Six: December 31st–$27 Value



Day Seven: January 1st–$30 Value
  • Head over to my post on how to upgrade your kitchen for maximum nutrition to find out about this great product
  • This kit makes fermenting foods incredibly easy





Day Eight: January 2nd–$30 Value
  • 4 of my favorite Yogi teas
  • Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants, improves brain function, and boosts your metabolism.
  • Comforting Chamomile is great for inflammation, digestive upset, and helps you relax before bed.
  • Relaxed Mind (my personal favorite) includes helichrysum, sage, and lavender.  This relaxing blend supports cognition.
  • Cold Season has the warming spices of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove along with licorice and eucalyptus to help support respiratory function.


Day Nine: January 3rd–$11 Value
  • Kombucha is a sparkling fermented beverage.
  • It’s full of healthy probiotics to aid in gut health and digestion.
  • Switching from juice or soda to kombucha is a fantastic swap for your health.





Day Ten: January 4th–$45 Value
  • When I learned how many toxins are in our food system, I also found out about how many completely unregulated toxins are in the items we put on our body and use on a daily basis.  In the US, the cosmetics industry does not have to prove the safety of their ingredients and are free to use whatever they want.
  • In the US, around 30 chemicals are banned for use in the cosmetics industry.  In Europe, it’s around 1,400.  Beautycounter is a US company that bans about 1,500.
  • I love Beautycounter because the products are safe and they work beautifully.  I have experienced a HUGE change in my skin for the better.  I am so glad that I finally found safe and high-performing products.
  • The two items I have included in the giveaway are my favorite items. Charcoal naturally draws out toxins.  I use the charcoal bar in the shower.  The oils are extraordinary.  They absorb instantly and add a protective hydrating barrier to the skin.  I use the #3 in the morning and the #1 at bedtime.  For more information about products I recommend, check out my What to Buy page and ask me for more information anytime.


Day Eleven: January 5th–$30 Value
  • This $30 gift certificate from Small Wonder Food can be used for a group nutrition class or individual consulting.






Day Thirteen: January 6th–$45 Value
  • This sausage is our family favorite.  It’s so good!
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